Financial Planning Approach

The traditional retirement path is no longer sustainable or desirable due to three factors:

  1. Fewer company pensions
  2. Social programs facing funding challenges
  3. Longevity

The course to retirement has evolved. At Meridian Financial, we are at the forefront of redesigning retirement.

Education -> 1st Career -> Transition -> 2nd Career -> Living Your Best Life

There are many facets to your overall financial plan, but the question is: are they fully integrated and in sync? Our clients partner with us to make sure the answer is yes today and yes in the future!

Our 3-Step Financial Planning Process

  1. BEARINGS: We will be your compass to help you identify your most important values, clarify your financial goals, lifestyle & longevity.
  2. CHARTING: We will be your captain as we assess your current financial situation & evaluate your course of action.
  3. COURSE: We're your confidant throughout the process to help implement specific recommendations based on the plan & coordinate with other advisors.

Northwestern Mutual Partnership

To successfully and efficiently deliver on our commitment to our clients, we leverage our trusted partner, Northwestern Mutual. We are affiliated with Northwestern Mutual because we believe they have the best philosophy, platform, and resources needed to deliver on our client's needs.

As a mutual company, we don't have shareholders - we report directly to the policy owners.