About Us

Meridian Financial specializes in multi-generational and business financial planning. Our firm is equipped to guide our clients as they navigate all areas of the financial planning process. Whether you’re in the accumulation stage, approaching retirement, or into income distribution and enjoying retirement, we can partner with you on a plan to make sure you’re financially prepared to achieve your life goals.

Learn how our cohesive approach to personalized financial planning can help you steer your way to the future you envision.

Meridian Financial Process

If we are doing our job correctly, we are three things to our clients:

  • Compass: We help you get your bearings and find out where you are in life and determine where you want to be.
  • Captain: Once we know where you’re going, we set a course to reach the destination by guiding you along the way. This is done together in partnership. We are always aware you, as our clients, have the final say.
  • Confidant: We have a long-term relationship with our clients. As such we become a confidant/coach on various financial matters. This plays a big role in making sure the “current you” makes decisions the “future you” will not regret.

Planning Method

At its core, our planning system is client-centric. In order to create a personalized plan that is specific to the client and actionable, we move through the planning method below.

  • Bearings: Identify your most important values and clarify your financial goals.
  • Charting: Assess your current financial situation and evaluate your current course.
  • Provisioning: Create a personalized plan to reach your financial goals.
  • Embarking: Implement specific recommendations based on the action plan and coordinate with other advisors.
  • Logging: Review, monitor, and regularly communicate your progress to the goal.
Meridian Financial’s fee-based planning services are offered by Bob Rauf.

Northwestern Mutual Partnership

To successfully and efficiently deliver on our commitment to our clients, we leverage our trusted partner, Northwestern Mutual. We are affiliated with Northwestern Mutual because we believe they have the best philosophy, platform, and resources needed to deliver on our clients’ needs.

Northwestern Mutual’s Four Core Principles

If we are doing our job correctly, we are three things to our clients:

  1. Commitment to mutuality
  2. Management of the fundamentals
  3. Product philosophy
  4. Expertise and Exclusivity

These four interrelated parts work together to create a powerful catalyst for long-term value for our clients.