First Meeting Checklist

We have put together a comprehensive checklist that will help us get to know your situation better and be able to build out your personalized financial plan. You can download the list and take notes directly on the PDF to write down anything you don’t want to forget to talk with our team about during your meeting.

As a note, this is a broad list, and some or most items may not be applicable to your current situation.


Your Checklist

  • Please provide copies of the following (if applicable)

    • Current social security income projection for retirement
    • Previous year’s tax return statement
    • Year-to-date pay stub
    • Checking account
    • Savings account/Money market
    • Brokerage account
    • CDs (maturity dates/bank/rate of interest)
    • Stocks
    • Bonds
    • Mutual funds
    • Real estate holdings
    • College savings for children
  • Please provide copies of the following (if applicable)

    • Group Lie Insurance (amount of coverage)
    • Group disability insurance (amount of coverage/cost; employer- or employee-paid)
    • Supplemental life or disability coverage (amount of coverage/cost; employer- or employee-paid)
    • Other employer-provided insurance benefits
  • Most recent statements/plan information

    • 401k/profit sharing (your % contribution, employer’s matching contribution)
    • Pension plan, state retirement plan details (years of service, benefit start date)
    • IRAs (Roth, Traditional)
    • Other relevant documents
    • Annual Statements
    • Coverage amount/type of policy/company
    • What goals are most important to you in the next 1-3 years? 5-10 years? 20+ years?
    • What does ‘retirement’ mean to you? How do you imagine spending your time?
    • When would you like to retire?
    • How much income do you want to receive (in today’s dollars) during retirement?
    • How much after-tax income do you need today, on a monthly basis, to maintain your standard of living?
    • What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind when you are gone? Any charitable organizations you want us to consider in your planning?