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Multi-Generational Families

For many parents, their top priority is making sure their children (and/or grandchildren) are set up for success. From saving for your kids’ education to passing your wealth on in a meaningful way, we can help you plan for it. Building an enduring legacy comes from working with an enduring firm. We build teams to plan with all generations of your family, even before they have wealth of their own. Through our multigenerational planning, we’ll help you protect and preserve what you’ve worked so hard for.

When thinking about providing for the next generations of your family, we’ll create a strategy that will give you the flexibility and control to hand down your wealth (during your lifetime, after, or both) in a way you see fit. We start by helping you develop a plan or purpose for your assets, then we’ll determine what types of assets to allocate, to who and when, and how best to transfer them.

We enjoy working with our clients’ families, whether it is your parents or your kids we are happy to provide a consultation call to see how we can help them.



  • If you’re contributing to a college fund, are there other types of accounts for additional assets you should be considering?
  • How would you help contribute to your child’s wedding, first-home purchase, or annual gifts?
  • What are the different ways you can manage the impact of income or estate taxes?
  • Do you want to maintain any control or place limits over how the money is used?