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Who We Work With

We enjoy working with individuals who are engaged throughout the process and want to plan for the life they want to live, both now and in the future. While all of our client’s financial goals are unique, most of our clients fall into one of the below categories.

Approaching Retirement and Retirees

Our job is to make sure you are fully prepared for retirement by providing guidance for every aspect of your financial life. Whether that means helping you start the journey or transitioning to the next chapter, we believe our approach will allow you to live a confident and abundant retirement.


Business Owners

Whether you’re thinking about launching a new business, hoping to expand an existing one, or step back from your business, we can help you create, grow and protect your business’s value with expert business planning and business succession services.


Multi-Generational Families

Our multi-generational team is equipped to help your entire family. For many parents, their top priority is making sure their children (and/or grandchildren) are set up for success. From saving for your kids’ education to passing your wealth on in a meaningful way, we can help you plan for it.


Sports Professionals

One of our Private Wealth Advisors, Jason Garey, was a professional soccer player for seven seasons. He understands some of the common mistakes that an athlete can be tempted to make with their money and has solutions to help alleviate that.


High-Net-Worth Individuals and Families

Meridian Financial has the personnel and resources to help high-net-worth families to meet their very specific and sophisticated needs. Our high-net-worth clients work with us to ensure their wealth and legacy are protected for years to come.


Facing a Major Life Change

At different junctures in our lives, we face major changes or transitions - financially, professionally, or personally. The death of a loved one, loss of a job, a divorce, or an inheritance, will introduce new challenges and circumstances you will need to address. We are here to help you work through the financial complexities of significant life changes.


Second Opinion Review

Even if you already have a financial advisor, we offer a complimentary second opinion review
to make sure you’re on the right track.